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ROI STUDIO喜歡利用自然燈光炮製出色彩鮮明的婚紗照。精緻的場景令您彷如成為韓劇的男女主角,上演一幕幕浪漫動人的故事!

ROI STUDIO makes use of the natural light to produce colorful pre-wedding photos for you. The scenes are so delicate and eventually come out a dramatic atmosphere.
From your pre-wedding photos, it seems that you are the main characters in the drama and tell your love story!


I would say the hottest studio 2018 is Gaeul , they have various concepts of background in their spacious studio such as vintage, classy and specially their rooftop scene is so enchanting with a Lotte-World Tower background which is known as the tallest building in Korea and become one of the Korean landmark .

One Fine Day ” Ever After “

ONE FINE DAY STUDIO is well-known for its dreamlike and fairy-tale concepts. It makes use of the garden, rooftop and indoor scenes to bring you uniqueness. It aims to provide you the best memories of a life time.

ONE FINE DAY STUDIO的婚妙相總是滲透著一種淡淡的幸福感,大概是因為場景總充滿著童話氣息。One Fine Day Studio充分利用其室內、庭院及天台的場景,打造出令人心動的婚妙相。加上獨特的著色,為你帶來不一樣的感覺。

Yongma Land

Get your wedding shoes 婚鞋

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