BONG STUDIO一直都是查詢度超高的工作室之一,深受海外新人歡迎!Bong的室內佈景可愛甜蜜,室外場景亦十分有名。由於位於首爾市外,有野外作為背景,令您置身大自然之中拍攝森系的韓國婚紗照,非常獨特!他們的巴士及櫻花場景也很有名呢!

BONG STUDIO is always popular among overseas couples.The indoor scenes are so cute and sweet. However, Bong is much more famous for its outdoor scenes! The studio is located outside of Seoul and surrounded by natures. You can take the unique pre-wedding photos in the wild. The bus and cherry blossom scenes are also very famous and stunning!