We don’t view our customers as money!

The most annoying thing is keep requiring paying the extra hidden charges during using the service.
We strive to be value not to drag money from our customers.
We know that taking pre wedding photo shooting in abroad is already quite costly and we do not want to make our customers to pay extra money in Korea and feel uncomfortable.
How are we different from others?

Details! Details! Details!

1. Hair extension

In our experience, 80% of girls need to have a hair extension as it will look more glamorous on the photos and be able to have variety hair styles.
Most of the hair extensions cost 100000 KRW to RENT for just 4~5 hours which is not very reasonable we think. Unlike others, the high quality hair extensions cost 55000 KRW in our cooperated salon and you can bring them home and reuse for your wedding day or even on daily life!

2. Tips

Even though the Tipping is not a common Korean culture, some are asking customers pay the tips for some assistants. We never do that.

3. Lunch or drinks

The whole process takes around 8 hours and people will get hungry. Unlike others we prepare some small snacks for our team and even for the customers. We never ask our customers pay for the drinks or foods.

4. Transportation

We don’t ask our customers pay for the taxi fees during the shooting process.
Either we provide our mini van service or using the taxi service and we pay for the fees.

5. Gloom’s shoes

We prepare gloom’s black shoes for your convenience.

This might be one of the reasons why all of our customers are very happy and satisfied after the shooting and we love to be friends with our customers!!